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Ozoomi Boost helps you save for your next car while improving your credit score with all the major credit reference agencies
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Saving a deposit for your next car is hard. Ozoomi makes it simple to save, and boosts your score at the same time

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Choose Your Deposit

Choose an amount that you can afford to pay each month. For example, if you can afford £50 a month, you'll save a £600 deposit!
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We Give You a Loan

Ozoomi will loan you the full deposit amount, but the money stays safely tucked away with us in your deposit savings account.
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Make Monthly Payments

The loan is for a year, so you'll need to make 12 monthly payments to your deposit savings account to pay back the loan.
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Your Score Gets a Boost

With every successful payment made to us, we report it to the credit agencies. As the months go by, your credit score will increase.
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The Loan is Paid Off

At the end of the year, the loan is fully repaid, your credit score has increased, and you'll have a great deposit for your next car!
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Buy Your Dream Car

Now, the fun bit. We'll help you find your dream car and, using your new credit score, arrange the best possible car finance for you.
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The free way to build your credit score while saving for your next car

Boost My score

No credit check required

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