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April 29, 2024
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Daniel Wang

The School Run Saga: How to Keep Your Cool

We know that this daily mission can be the ultimate test of patience. Between making breakfast, wrestling with school bags, and dodging traffic, it is totally normal to feel stressed.

But fear not! Here's how to transform your school run from a stress fest to a pretty (we are staying realistic, here) smooth ride:

1. Prep Like a Pro

The night before is your secret hack. Lay out clothes, pack the school bags, and yes, even check that the homework's done or that there isn’t a surprise food tech lesson where you need a few pretty peculiar ingredients that are not just laying around.

If your kids are old enough, see if they can get involved in packing their bags or getting their socks out!

2. Beat the Clock

Setting your alarm just a tiny bit earlier might seem a bit cruel, but those extra minutes can help you manage unexpected delays. You know the types - spilling something at the table and wondering how it managed to reach the hallway, or last minute toilet emergencies.

Think of a morning routine that the children can start to try and make multiple prep tasks happen at once. Maybe one likes to feed the pets, and another one can already style or brush their hair.

3. Breathe It Out

School traffic is a given, everyone wants to get to the same place around the same time, stop, say bye and drive off. Practise those deep breaths (in for five, out for five) to try and keep as calm as you can and divert focus.

4. Tune Into Tranquility or Embrace A Sing-Along

  • Create a playlist of chill tunes. Think calming classical, smooth jazz, or even some sounds from nature (whales, rainforests - you know the ones we mean).
  • If mentally immersing yourself in nature isn't your cup of tea, then make a feel-good playlist! Put on your family faves that everyone can sing along to.

5. Play Some Games

Here are some of our favourites!

  • I Spy: Spot something and let others guess based on the starting letter.
  • 20 Questions: Think of something, and others ask yes/no questions to guess it.
  • The Alphabet Game: Find objects starting with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Car Colour Count: Choose a colour and count cars of that colour.
  • Story Time: Create a story together, adding one sentence each.

6. Secret Snack Stash

Keep a secret stash of snacks in the car. Not just for your kids who are tired from learning all day, but for you too! A well-timed snack can prevent some hangry meltdowns (we all get them). Think of it as your secret weapon against the grumps.

7. Go Hands-Free

This one is obvious, but If your phone starts buzzing mid-manic drive, don’t reach for it. Make sure your hands-free is set up in your car so you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

8. Stay Positive

Remember, the school run is a routine that you can master. You have plenty of time to practise what works to keep you calm, and what doesn’t. What works for some families might not be so effective with yours, so even if it isn't smooth sailing from the get go, you can find what works for you and your family!

9. Keep Your Car in Check

Nothing disrupts a smooth school run like car trouble on top of the traffic and waves of people everywhere. Keep on top of your car's maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns or flat tyres!

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