Last updated:
December 5, 2023
Written by
Grace Patel

How To Navigate Credit Checks Before Applying for Car Finance

Our last blog covered the basics of what credit scores and credit checks are. Now, it makes sense for the next step to be advice on how you can safeguard your creditworthiness, and what to do if your credit score isn’t… the best!

There are options for everyone, and Ozoomi knows that poor credit scores can be a result of things that are out of our control, and tend to come when we are having a particularly hard time. So, no need to worry - Ozoomi remains confident that we can help you to find the right car finance offer for your individual circumstances. 

How to Best Use Credit Checks 

1. Minimise Hard Credit Checks 

  • Check out the lenders who you are seeking finance from, to check whether they carry our soft searches or hard searches at the application stage.
  • Don’t rush or over-apply for credit applications. We know times of needing finance can be stressful, but lots of applications over a short time period sets off alarm bells for lenders.
  • Be selective with who you want to apply from. Is it realistic to apply from this lender? Are they suited and experienced with your credit score needs?

Top tip: Ozoomi will only use lenders that will carry out soft searches at the application stage! There will never be a hard check of your credit history without letting you know first. If you have a less-than-ideal credit score, Ozoomi will link you to relevant lenders with experience with clients with your credit score rating.

2. Make the Most of Soft Credit Checks! 

  • As soft credit checks do not have an impact on your credit score, it is good to get familiar with your credit score. Even if it isn’t as high as you may like, it helps you to be realistic and have a higher chance of acceptance.
  • Use credit comparison services of trusted companies like Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. This gives you the control to do your own research. 

Top tip: Ozoomi can also help with quotation comparison and your eligibility. We just think it is really important to keep your options transparent so you can take as long as you need to go through it yourself. 

3. Monitor and Protect Your Credit Report 

  • It’s great to regularly monitor your own credit score and soft check your report to make sure there is no suspicious activity.
  • Real-time credit monitoring services are convenient tools that can help with this. They can help you to identify and tackle any suspicious or fraudulent activity quickly. 
  • The three main credit reference agencies (CRAs) are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, but there can be charges for this service, so please check carefully before signing up.

Ozoomi is Here For You, No Matter Your Credit Score

Regardless of whether your credit score is excellent, fair, or less than ideal, Ozoomi is optimistic that there's a chance for everyone to access the most fitting car finance deal for their situation.

Our goal is to provide a platform where you don’t need to worry about your credit score standing in the way of securing car finance offers outright. By using our experienced and reputable network of lenders, we specialise in connecting you as an individual to lenders experienced in handling similar credit situations to yours. 

Ozoomi is dedicated to ensuring that each customer has the best chance of finding a financing solution that aligns with their individual needs. We want to give you the power to move forward with confidence in your car purchase journey.

Are You Interested In Improving Your Credit Score? 

Good news. We have a short, easy-to-digest blog that gives you some top tips on how you can boost your credit score. If you’re interested in boosting your credit score and saving up a bit of cash for a deposit - amount determined by you, interest free, and over the course of one year, you might want to visit our Ozoomi Boost Credit Builder page.

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